Sunset Dead

A murdered mistress. A wrongful arrest. Can Poe and Alana take down a killer from both sides of the law?

Edgar Allan "Poe" Rutherford is out of the private investigator game. He couldn't stand to take another case after his last one nearly killed his wife. When he's accused of murdering his supposed mistress, he's forced back into a familiar role to prove his innocence. But can he do it from behind bars?

Alana Hu knows she's too skilled of a detective for Poe to cheat and kill behind her back. But when her department forbids her from finding out who set him up, she decides to go rogue. After all, nobody messes with her man without answering to her…

When Poe and Alana discover troubling evidence that points to larger forces at play, catching the real killer may just take a tag-team effort.

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