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Murder on Maui Mysteries

Aloha Means Goodbye | Robert W. Stephens

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Edgar Allan “Poe” Rutherford’s relaxing stay on Maui gets an abrupt turn when his friend is accused of a brutal murder. Now Poe needs to convince not only the entire island, but also the sexy police detective Alana Hu, that they’ve caught the wrong guy.

Will Poe succeed before the real killer escapes…or paints the island with Poe’s blood?

alex penfield paranormal thrillers

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Detective Alex Penfield welcomes a break after his previous case left him injured, but when a corpse washes up on the Chesapeake Bay, he’s thrown right back into the action. 

The case proves harder than he thought and when Alex starts seeing gruesome visions, he begins to wonder if his past has caught up with him. Will his desperate attempt to catch a killer cause him to lose his sanity in the process?