Ocean of Guilt

A murdered bride. A suspicious groom. Can Poe catch the killer before the anchor drops?
Edgar Allan "Poe" Rutherford is ready to dive back into his work as Maui’s top private investigator. But before he can unpack his suitcase, his sister-in-law begs him to photograph her client’s extravagant nautical wedding. Poe is confident he can handle the wedding party from hell, until he finds the bride’s dead body on the top deck…
Poe searches for signs of guilt among the spoiled partygoers and the fed-up staffers who serve their every whim. Just when he pegs the unfaithful groom as the probable culprit, the case takes a sharp turn to starboard. Before the wedding party makes port, Poe has one chance to determine exactly which passenger fast-tracked the bride's "death do us part."

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