Nature of Darkness

The murders scarred him for life. Can he face it again when a copycat resumes the butchery?
Detective Alex Penfield’s hope for humanity hangs by a slender thread of justice. But even slamming the darkly disturbing serial killer behind bars can’t make up for the brutal loss of his dear friend ten years ago. And he vows she won’t have died in vain when he’s recruited by the FBI to catch a vicious predator with the same blood-soaked calling card.
Grimly shoving his own pain aside in the hunt for clues, the seasoned investigator is forced to meet face-to-face with the original sadistic monster. But when the pieces of the puzzle raise questions over his friend’s death, Penfield is horrified that he’s stumbled onto a grisly conspiracy.
Can the determined detective trap the mystery killer and put his demons to rest?

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