Aloha Means Goodbye

A gruesome murder. A friend framed. One detective races to stop another bloody masterpiece…

Edgar Allan “Poe” Rutherford just lost his job, his girl, and his chance at a relaxing island vacation. When the brutal murder of a celebrity artist is pinned on his friend, Poe refuses to lose his best buddy to the Maui penitentiary. As he works his way down the gallery guest list, he navigates through bloated egos, heated rivalries, and more than a few eccentric personalities along the way. But he never expected the hunt for truth to reveal a second chance at love…

While the entire island of Maui is convinced his friend is the killer, Poe thinks he has a shot of convincing the smart, sexy police detective Alana Hu of the truth. Despite getting off on the wrong foot with Alana, Poe can’t help but detect a growing spark. His only hope is to win Alana over to his side before the real killer escapes… or paints the island with Poe’s blood.

Aloha Means Goodbye is the entertaining first book in the Murder on Maui series of mysteries with a hint of romance. If you like charismatic characters, artistic whodunits, and twists you won’t see coming, then you’ll love Robert Stephens’ captivating mystery.

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