The Eighth Order

He stared death in the face and lived. But will his quest to save a precious life claim his last breath?
Detective Alex Penfield knows he needs more than logic to save lives. So he’s plagued by hopelessness after discovering his psychic partner is fast losing a battle with terminal cancer. But his own demise comes swiftly when he steps in to protect a mysterious man… and dies in a hail of assassins’ bullets.
Shocked to wake up alive in the city morgue, Penfield's surprises keep coming when footage reveals the person he tried to help miraculously revived him from his premature exit. Now determined to track down the stranger with the power to heal his friend, the dogged PI follows the trail all the way to Italy and Morocco – and into the crosshairs of callous killers.
Can Penfield expose the unholy truth and prevent a deadly fate?

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